Texas judge blocks Paxton abortion plan

Eleanor Klibanoff, Erin Douglas, Ariana Perez-Castells - The Texas Tribune

The lovable "Only Murders" returns

Melanie McFarland

In Roe's wake, President Howard Stern?

Alison Stine

Progress, "Downton Abbey"-style

Jean Bentley

Exposed: Trump's Jan. 6 violence

Amanda Marcotte

Daily Harvest faces its first lawsuit

Joy Saha

The healing power of the peach

Ashlie D. Stevens

Surprise Jan. 6 witness triggers Trump

Jon Skolnik

Mulvaney warns ex-aides over Hutchinson

Travis Gettys - Raw Story

John Eastman turns to Fox News for funds

Jon Skolnik

Meadows: Jan. 6 could get "really bad"

Bob Brigham - Raw Story

Uvalde mom says cops are harassing her

Brad Reed - Raw Story

"Jane Roe" daughter slams SCOTUS ruling

Meaghan Ellis - Alternet

Rudy "assailant's" charges downgraded

Travis Gettys - Raw Story

Thomas blames Americans for their losses

Jon Skolnik

Fox News host calls Trump "unhinged"

Jon Skolnik

Abbott blames Biden for migrant deaths

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

Jan. 6 panel fear Meadows aide in danger

Igor Derysh

Many Roe protests met with violence

Kathryn Joyce

Better not laugh at "King Trump"

Chauncey DeVega

Christian fascism: Right here, right now

Chris Hedges

Dems and GOPers try to unseat Boebert

Alex Henderson - Alternet

Religious groups divided on abortion

Kalapana Jain - The Conversation

GOPer impersonated public official: cops

Patrick Svitek - The Texas Tribune

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