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Sreemangal | Sylhet Tour Guide, Bangladesh.

Sreemangal or Srimangal, the region is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a beautiful South Asian country. Bangladesh is bounded on three sides by India and on one side by the Bay of Bengal. As a country of tea and with several interesting appearances around it, Sreemangal became a popular travel destination in the country. There are tea gardens all over Sreemangal and there are hills, rain forests, haors. Therefore everyday domestic and foreign tourists gather in this place. Moreover, rubber forest, lemon and pineapple are cultivated here. In addition, you can compare it with the Munnar in India. Also, Sreemangal is listed as the highest rainfall and coldest area in Bangladesh due to its hilly and dense forests. The serene and adventurous environment will make confusing feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

Also for newlywed couples of Bangladesh, it is one of the most desired places for a honeymoon. As the many beautiful attractions of Sylhet’s which are very popular among the country are very near to Sreemangal. So if you planning to visit Sylhet or specially Sreemangal then this article will help you.

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Location of Sreemangal and Map:

Sreemangal is an Upazila of Moulvibazar District in Sylhet Division, located at the northeastern tip of Bangladesh. About 200 km from the capital Dhaka, the picturesque Upazila of Moulvibazar district is located bordering India covers an area of ​​425.15 sq km. It is bounded on the north by Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila, on the south by the Indian state of Tripura, on the east by Kamalganj Upazila and on the west by Habiganj.


Best Time to Visit Sreemangal:

Sreemangal is always and all season is perfect to travel. The place carpeted with tea garden is the coolest region in the country. Also, the highest rainfall recorded during the monsoon. Although the peak season is winter that is December to February. The crowds are more than the other times. But we suggested the best time to visit from the last of September to the first half of November. This time the average temperature remains 28-20⁰C with minimum precipitations. When the rainfalls are lower and crowds are few. To feel the cool air in tea’s kingdom, picturesque view of picking tea leaves by tribal women, hike at Ham-Ham falls, Lawachara National Park and to enjoy wildlife stunning view of Baikka Beel the best time to visit Srimangal is October to November.

How to Go Sreemangal:

Dhaka to Sreemangal by Bus:

The easiest transport to reach Sreemangal from Dhaka is Bus. Many operators Buses are available from Sayedabad Bus (south Dhaka) stand and Gabtoli Bus (north Dhaka) stand. The distance of the two places over 181 kilometers. Hino 1J Pluss, Non AC, Hino, AK1J Super Plus Non AC, Hino, AK1J Super Plus Non AC, and Hino, AK1J Super Salon Chair Coach services are available. The 7-8 hours journey bus tickets price for this route ranges only BDT 380 to BDT 400 depending on the bus operators and services. The popular operators’ are-

  • Hanif Enterprise
  • Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd
  • Agomony Express
  • Akota Transport
  • Alhamra Paribahan
  • Chaklader Paribahan
  • Comfort Line Pvt Ltd
  • Dhaka Line
  • Barkat Travels
  • Shyamoli Paribahan
  • Diganta Express
  • Elish Paribahan
  • Emad Enterprise
  • Saudia Air Con
  • Saudia Coach Service
  • SP Golden Line
  • Star Line Special Ltd.
  • Tisha Group

By train Dhaka to Sreemangal:

Intercity Trains From Dhaka to Sylhet via Sreemangal:

  1. Parabat Express.
  2. Jayantika Express.
  3. Upaban Express.
  4. Kalani Express.

There is also a mail service is available named Surma Mai.
The price range of tickets for trains depends on the class. The price of the ticket range from Sovon- 265 BDT to AC Berth-1099 BDT.

By Air Dhaka to Sylhet:

If you have a short time or planning to cover one day trip. The best choice for your journey by air. From Shahjalal International Airport (Dhaka) to Osmani International Airport (Sylhet) several Flights are available. It takes 40 minutes trip of 121 miles. Biman Airlines, NovoAir, US-Bangla Airlines operates Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class services. Available aircraft are-

  • Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 72
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42/ ATR 72
  • Boeing 777-300
  • De Havilland Canada DHC-8 Dash 8
  • Boeing 787-8
  • Boeing 787-9

So choose a flight and fly to Sylhet. After reaching Sylhet it is easy to entrance Sreemangal by bus or private ride like CNG, Car, Microbus. Among buses, the popular bus is the Habiganj express. It takes one and half hours to reach Sreemangal.

Best Things to do in Sreemangal:

Sreemangal is a paradise of tea plants and green nature. Whatever you look, everywhere you will see the hilly lands full of tea gardens or rubber, pine, or other forests. The wavy land with the zigzag road through hilly tea gardens or forest will fascinate visitors. Near Sreemangal many natural attractions and monuments waiting for you. Such as a huge number of Tea estates, Tea Industries, Lawachara National Park, Madhabpur Lake, Ham-Ham Jhorna and many more. So there are many amazing activities have to do when you visit Sreemangal. Here we discuss the best things to do during the Sremmangal tour.

Baddhabhumi-71 Sreemangal:

Landing on Sreemangal the nearest attraction is Bddhabhumi-71. It’s on the roadside of Lawachara National Park highway. Bhaddhabhumi is a graveyard of the massacre of martyrs. The West Pakistan Army during the Liberation war killed them brutally. So to tribute the heroes and know about the Bangladesh liberation war you can visit the Baddhabhumi-71 in the BGB (Border Guards of Bangladesh) camp of Sreemangal. The entire area after Baddhabhumi-71 is surrounded by tea gardens and grasses. The scenic view of white flowers of grasses will amaze you.

Lawachara National Park:

Lawachara National Park with tall trees jungles of semi-evergreen forests Biome and mixed deciduous forests Biome covers approximately 12.5 sq km. It is in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar District. It’s an Eco-park containing rare trees, plants, birds, animals. This forest is a safe home of wild animals like deer, monkeys, various cats, cocks and others. About 167 types of plants, some amphibians, few species of reptiles, 246 species of birds and 20 species of mammals are living here. The view of the serene park gives you real natural flavor. This is a perfect place for those who love nature. The Zig-Zag hilly roads from Sreemangal to Lawachara has scenic tea gardens view on both sides. The dark comes here early evening. Before sunset, the darkness of the jungle and the wavy roads will shake your adrenaline.

Ham Ham Waterfall, Sreemangal:

The local name of Ham Ham waterfall is Cheetah falls or Cheetah Jhorna. About 135-170 ft height beautiful waterfall is located at Razkandi reserve forest in Kamalganj near Sreemangal. The way to reach Hum Hum waterfall is completely adventurous. In addition, you need to trek 4 hours to reach the fountain. The path is full of jungle water and muds. It is suggested that those who are physically fit only can plan to see the natural beauty of waterfalls, Ham Ham. Also, note that leeches are waiting in the waters of the fountains. So take caution in wears. But the overall trek will give you a breathtaking adventurous feel. Wonderous view of the jungle. This fascinated waterfall is discovered in 2009.

Madhabpur Lake:

Madhabpur lake is one of the beautiful tourist attractions near Lawachara National Eco Park. When you planning a tour to Sreemangal you should include this lake in your itinerary. The lake situated in the Madhabpur tea estate and surrounded by tea plants. The green scenic place wondering with its beauty. It’s private property. Therefore try to visit it before sunset. The lake is known as Lotus Lake. Because plenty of lotus grown on its water.

Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary:

Baikka Beel or Baikka Lake is one of the best attractions near Sreemangal. This wetland sanctuary is located between Moulvibazar and Sreemangal. It is 200 km northeast of the capital city Dhaka. Baikka Beel is an eastern part of Hail Haor and around 100 hectares in area. The large shallow lake is popular among casual nature lovers, bird lovers and wildlife researchers. The government of Bangladesh declared this lake as a permanent sanctuary in 2003. Therefore fishing is banned in this wetland. Not only for fish it is also a safe zone for other wildlife and birds. Baikka Lake is consisting of three small lakes- Chapra, Maguara and Jaduria.The specialty of the lake is it retains water over the year.In winter the lake explodes the real color of wildlife.

Different species of migratory birds that come here in the winter season are to feed and breed. Notable birds of this bill are Pankauri, Kanibak, Dhalabak, Gobak, Dhupnibak, Rangabak, Dalppi, Nuppi, Pan Murgi, Beguni Kalem, Kalomatha, Dhala Balihans, Pati Sarali, Rajsarali, Morcherang, Bhutihans, Girihans, etc. Here, rings have been placed on the legs of birds for long-term research and collection of information on the movement, observation and various aspects of the life of native and migratory birds. The thousands of blooming scenic water lily and lotus fascinate visitor’s eyes. Thousands of Water-hyacinth, water lilies and lotus flowers bloom on the banks of the lake. Colorful grasshoppers move in the water of the beel (lake) morning and evening. On a monsoon day another group of insects seen near the lake’s flowers. The sanctuary has two watchtowers for tourists to view the whole lake.

Shitesh Babu’s Zoo at Sreemangal:

Just landing on Sreemangal the closest place where you can start your tour itinerary. Sitesh Babu Zoo, the beauty of nature conserved by Sitesh Ranjan Deb. He is the founder of the zoo. Sitesh Babu is a professional hunter and many adventurous thrilling stories are familiar about him. One of them is the hunting bear at Kamalganj Tea gardens in 1991. At that time he was injured badly and lost much of his chicks and right sight eye. The zoo is actually the residence of the founder. Located at Ramakrishna Mission (Ashram) Road, Srimangal, Moulvibazar district of Sylhet. Actually, the is named Wild Life Service Foundations.

The Sitesh Babu’s is a great spot for all ages of animal lovers. Various colors of birds and their chirping will amaze you. There are so many rare species of birds are seen here. Notable birds are- Wild Swan, Cormorant, Chakka, Carcass, Parrot, Water Pigeon, Wild Rooster, Sarali, Green Dove and many other tea birds. Besides birds there are so many types of animals like White Bucks, Golden Tortoises, Poisonous Snakes, Bears, Maya Deer’s, Pythons and Vultures are conserved here. The Pythons are really big. Another amazing attraction is flying Squirrel. This awesome squirrel can fly 300-400 feet at a time. White Tiger, the rare species of tiger only found in Sitesh Babu Zoo over Bangladesh. The beautiful thick milky tiger can change its eye color instantly. That’s really terrific but awesome.

Experience Manipuri Way of Life and Shopping at Sreemangal:

In Sreemangal your tour will be incomplete if you don’t visit Manipuri Para and shopping there. Manipuri is a small ethnic group living in the Ramnagar near Sreemangal. They are originated from Manipur. It was once the sovereign state of India. Due to social conflicts, war, political reasons many of them migrated to the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. In Srimangal they mostly are living near Madhapur dam and Ramnagar. The most popular is Ramnagar Manipuri Para. The tribal activity and especially the tribal garments will amaze you. The friendly community always welcomes visitors with a polite smiling face. Here you find many small showrooms of Manipuri clothes. Hand-made Saree, Lungi, Gamcha (Towel), ladies wears are most favorite among the countries. Here you also get pure Honey, Pickles, Naga morich ( Hot pepper) Pickles and handmade ornaments.

So visit Ramnagar Manipuri Para for a better experience with ethnic people and their culture. It takes only 10-15 BDT per person by Auto -Rickshaw to reach Manipuri Para from Srimangal main town.

Where to Stay at Sreemangal:

Lots of Hotels, Resorts are available to stay at Sreemangal. Luxurious to normal cheap hotels are build up to target the tourists. You can stay near Sreemangal Railway stations, in the main city or in Moulvibazar’s main town. So it depends on your choice, budget and ease. Here we recommend some notable luxurious Hotels and Resorts near Sreemangal.

Top 10 Luxurious Hotels Near Sreemangal:

  • Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf.
  • Grand Selim Resort & Tour.
  • Sreemangal resort.
  • Green Leaf Rest House.
  • Restinn Hotel & Restaurant.
  • Lemon Garden Resort.
  • Tea Haven Resort.
  • Garden View Rest House.
  • Green Palace Tea Resort.
  • Hotel Sky Park.

Where to Eat at Sreemangal:

In Sreemangal you will get many restaurants where you can eat. Local foods are very popular here. Boiled rice, fishes like Hilsa, Prawn, Ruhi, Curps etc, beef, mutton, chickens and many kinds of local delicious dishes. Also, fast food, western, Thai, Chinese and Indian foods are served by many restaurants. So here you can take your best feast according to your taste. Here we listed some popular and renounced restaurants near Sreemangal.

Best 5 Restaurants Near Sreemangal:

  • Kutum Bari Restaurant.
  • Shashur Bari Restaurant.
  • Grand taj Restaurant and Party Center.
  • Panshi Restaurant.
  • Shatkora Restaurant.

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