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Sajek Valley Tour | Best Tourist Destination in Bangladesh

In a very short time, Sajek Valley has become a very popular tourist destination among the hilly areas. After Cox’s Bazar, Sajek is at the top of the list of most travel-thirsty Bangladeshi’s. The valley has become a destination for millions of people throughout the year due to its fascinating natural beauty. Sajek Valley is mostly known as Queen of Hills. Most of Rangamati can be seen from here and that’s why is called the roof of Rangamati. The serene environment, great mountains, endless forests, meadows, small rivers, overall dreamlike beauty make it the best travel arena.

Even If you want to get lost in the frenzy among the white cotton clouds sea, this is the right place to venture out. Above 450 meters from sea levels give you touchy feelings with clouds. Sajek valley is also popular for native fruits like banana, orange etc. Plenty of local food vendors can be found while exploring its streets.

Where is Sajek Valley:

Sajek Valley is located in the range of the Kasalong Mountains. Bangladesh on one side and Mizoram of India on the other. It’s in the Sajek union, Baghaichhari Upazila in the Rangamati district of Bangladesh. Situated the Chittagong Hill Tracts and is 67 km northeast of Khagrachhari and 95 km north of Rangamati city respectively. The valley is named after the ‘Sajek River’. The Sajek River originates from the Karnafuli River and flows between the borders of India and Bangladesh.


Best Time to Visit Sajek Valley:

It is difficult to say when is the best time to travel to Sajek. In every season you will be fascinated by the amazing beauty of the valley. The mountains will always fascinate you in some way, such as after the rain, the rainbow or the rainbow will appear in an eternal blur. Clouds that touch the clouds in the winter season. Every season it turns into different color attractions. So you can travel over the year. But in the Rainy, Autumn, and Late autumn clouds are dense and very nearer to the valley. So these seasons will be recommended as the best time to visit Sajek Valley.

How to Go Sajek Valley:

Although Sajek is located in Rangamati, it is easily accessible from Khagrachari by Dighinala due to its geographical location. First of all, you have to come to the Khagrachari district. Then you can go for visiting Sajek Valley. Always make a group of 10 and more for the tour. It will minimize your cost. Here we divided the trip into two ways.

Dhaka to Khagrachari:

Lots of Bus services are available from the capital city Dhaka. From Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Kolabagan you fund so many buses to travel Khagrachari. Mostly known buses are Saudia Paribahan, Shyamoli, Shanti Paribahan, S. Alam, Eagle, etc. Ac and Non-Ac both services are available. Fare range 500-600 BDT for non Ac buses.

Khagrachari To Sajek:

You can go directly from Khagrachari to Sajek or via Dighinala. For direct trip reserved local jeep known as Chander Gari. This vehicle is specially designed for hill roads. It will cost up to 10000 BDT with a returned trip. 12-15 passengers can be travel at a time. So make a group or join with a group. The road to Sajek has high steeps and sloping. And it is 70 km apart from town. So try to avoid three-wheeler vehicles. If you are alone or small group then share your incidents with the Zip Association office, Shapla chattor, Kagrachari; they will manage another group for you.
Via Dighinala you can go easily To the valley. Get into a Bus or hire a bike from Khagrachari. 23 km road to Dighinala will cost 40-100 BDT.

Best Things to Do in Sajek Valley:

In fact, in an hour, you can see the whole place of the valley only by walking. But still, there are lots of things to do and see remaining around the place. Here we mentioned some of the best attractions.

Way to Sajek Valley:

Much of the whole entertainment is on the curvy mountain roads. With high peaks and falls journey will shake your adrenaline .In these ups and down trips, you will feel terrific cheering and enjoyment. Sometimes you feel that half of your body is missing from the other half when it goes up or down.

Evening at Helipad:

Best place to spend your time in the evening is Helipad peak of the spot. Enjoy the sunset, the sun falling in the lap of the clouds. Take photos of the amazing gray worlds for souvenirs. Spend quality time gossiping with your friends, singing or walking along the pads with your partner.

Wake Up Early to Enjoy Sunrise:

After a sound and healthy sleep in a green environment, you should wake up very early to watch the sunrise from the lap of the clouds. Believe that it will help you rediscover your life, restore your strength.

Exploring Konglak Para:

A beautiful village on top of Kolang Hill with locals. Trek around the village for 30-40 minutes. During the trek, you will get the clouds touching the body, beautiful orange gardens. From the top of the hill you can see the entire Sajek Valley and some beautiful views of India. Get some local food and fruit and get in touch with the residents. It will be worthful.

Pidam Toisha Waterfall:

Also known as Sikam Toisha Waterfall or Komlok Jhorna. You can see this waterfall by trekking for two to two and a half hours from Ruilui Para of Sajek. You have to go up and down the wild road and steep hill. Be aware of at rainy season. The road is very slippery at this time so be careful while walking. Take a guide for directions.

Taste Local Foods:

Eat some local food from ethnic residents. Wild chicken, vegetables, fruits are available here. Halal restaurants are also available but no beef. You can taste local drinks but be aware of your own strengths and limitations.

Best Hotels In Sajek Valley:

If you are thinking whrere to stay in Sajek Valley. Not to be worried! there are many lodges , hotels and cottage are avilable. Some of them listed below…

  • Sajek Resort.
  • Abakash Eco Cottage.
  • Resort RungRang.
  • Hotel Maitree, Sajek Valley.
  • Monghor Resort Sajek.
  • Hotel Floria.

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