Inani Sea Beach Cox's Bazar

Inani Beach Cox’s Bazar: Best Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach.

Inani Beach (Enani Beach) is one of the most attractive beautiful Beach in Cox’s Bazar. The specialty of this beach is the presence of corals and more transparent water than the other beaches of Cox’s Bazar. This scenic beauty spot mostly familiar for its tranquility and the lower crowd. Here you can enjoy pure blue sea and blue sky. That’s why it becomes a popular honeymoon destination. Inani Beach is 18 km long and about 30km from the main sea beach.

Best Time to Visit Inani Beach:

The peak season of traveling November to February. The climates of this time are favorable and comfortable for the visitors. Mild temperature, lower rains, cloudless sky make you cool to enjoy laid-back life. But during peak season it is overly crowded and the cost of living, transport, food etc become high. If you think avoid the crowd and minimize your cost. Let’s have a suggestion for you. The best time to visit Inani Beach/Enani Beach at the early weeks of October or the last weeks of March. To enjoy the special effects of Enani beach beauty select a full moon night to visit.

How to Go Inani Beach:

First of all, you have to go Cox’s Bazar. Many and diversify transport system is available from Dhaka (capital city of Bangladesh). Bus, Train or you can Fly from Dhaka Airport to Cox’s Bazar. People also can use private vehicles to travel.
To get in Inani Beach in peak season public transports are available. But in off-peak you need to arrange private vehicles like Car, CNG, Chander Gari ( a jeep type local vehicle), etc. If you want to take suggestion which vehicles are best. Obviously ‘Chander Gari’. The open body with railing is suitable for a stunning stand journey. Observe the beauty of the roads on one side the enlarged Sea Bay of Bengal and the other side the small mountains. You stop anywhere middle of your trip and explore around. And it’s not a bad idea to take a glance at Himchori Eco-Park.

What to Do in Inani Beach:

The serene beach contains crystal clear water. Lots of corals just look like deadly stones are found on this beach. These corals are looking black and green in colors. The stunning view amazed the visitors. You can see two distinctly different scenarios in the time of high tides and low tides. In the time of high tides, the beach is full of water. No corals are seen at this time. Some snails, carbs can be seen at this time. Walking with your partner along the beach is not a bad idea. On the other hand in the meantime of low tide, you find the splendid view that currents are crashing with corals.

Needless to say, the sunset on this beach is admirable. You will also see fishermen or groups of fishermen here are fishing or preparing for fishing in the deep sea. You can talk to them about their lifestyle, experience of the grand sea. It will be worthful and informative. Take bath in the seawater, play some beach games and many more.

Where to Stay in Inani Beach:

Several hotels and resorts with lots of amenities are available to stay near the beach in Cox’s Bazar and Enani beach. Here we shorted some of them with its distance from Inani Beach and rents.

Top Five Luxury Hotels Near Inani Beach:

Top Five Cheap Hotel Near Inani Beach:

  • Hotel Water Orchid-13.5 miles from Inani Beach and rent start at 2000 BDT.
  • Albatross Resort– 14.5 miles and 1000 BDT.
  • Hotel Sea Alif-13.7 miles and 2000 BDT.
  • Royal Bay Regal Palace Hotel & Resort-13.7 miles and 2000 BDT.
  • Grand Beach Resort-14 miles and 2000 BDT.

Location and Map:

The scenic 18 kilometers long beach is part of Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach located at Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar and about 12 kilometers from the south shore.


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